Friday, February 6, 2009

Shopaholic. Not.

I swear, I've never been happier to be at home and relaxing. I left my house pretty early this morning to go to the next city to get some things done for school and shop for my boyfriends birthday present. I was at the mall for about 5 hours? I think - probably more around 4. Even though todays shopping excursion was soo good, I'm exhausted like no tomorrow. I don't think I really want to step into the mall for another few weeks.. and that's saying A LOT coming from a person who has dreams about going shopping. A run down on some of the things I bought are: FOUR pairs of skinny jeans for under $100!!! Accessories, a really nice black blazer, jeans and a new Jack&Jones jacket for Andrew (bf) and of course.. makeup :)

I really like/prefer shopping at sephora over MAC because I'm left alone to choose out what I want, test things on myself (or even with assistance when asked) and I don't have to wait to get something I want. I'm a really shy person and sometimes it's hard for me to speak out about what I'm looking for without feeling hesitant or thinking that they're examining my makeup and secretly making fun of it in their heads (I don't know.. I think about these sort of things too much). I actually went to the MAC store three times today and I guess I feel really neglected when I'm there so I usually leave when I can't get someones attention. So I went to the MAC stand instead. But nevertheless I like their products and I'm very eager to start trying out what I got!

Products: O.P.I Nail Polish in "Pinking of You!", Stila retractable kabuki, TFSI Policy, MAC Mineralize Satinfinish, MAC MSF in Blonde, Too Faced Lash Injection Pinpoint (I love this stuff), Maybelline Stilleto Lash, MAC 187 Brush, MAC Fluidline in "Black Track," some kind of MAC concealer.., Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in "Zero."
Accessories from Aldo Accessories.


  1. shelley are u mix race..
    nice u face..i like it

  2. Dr Doom - No.. I'm full cantonese :)