Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Boys are stupid.

There should be a handbook for all guys to read before they get into a relationship about all the dumbass things that you shouldn't do before you enter. Things like oh I don't know..

1) Do not under any circumstance break our hearts
2) Bring us shopping and don't complain
3) Be proud of us no matter how small the accomplishment may be
(what is this "taking a break" business anyway??)
5) DON'T CHEAT ON US!!!!!!

Okay, I've never been cheated on (I hope so anyway..) and I'm not saying that it happened to me, but damnit! Seeing movies and hearing "he cheated on me" or "I cheated on him" left and right really makes me mad. I don't understand why people cheat, it's so low and it hurts so many people. What's so wrong with being faithful?

I'm pretty fucking frustrated right now. I can't keep it in any longer and I feel like I don't have anyone to talk to anymore. I've already over flooded my bff with my pretty darn upsetting situation and I still feel like shit.

But anyway.. I SHOULD do a review on these babies:

But my laziness level is at the highest. Plus I just started school today and I'm so confused already.. I'm like a never ending ball of self-pitty. I need to suck it the fuck up. Excuse my vulgar language.

I have really got to stop thinking shopping is going to make everything okay.. but shopping <3
Boots - $50.00 off
Guess Jeans - $ Reg price :(
Buffalo Top - $10.00 =D

& Now it's snowing outside. I just want to crawl up in a ball and die (not literally).

Monday, February 16, 2009

Can't Get Enough Of..


I've always been a huge fan of shoes from Guess & especically their clothing. Although I'm more of a hangbag person, shoes are right up my alley along with umm.. well everything else that's girly. Yes, I only have three pairs but jeez do I love them off! All of them are so comfy and so sleek, they're just so nice. I don't think that I would ever want to share these shoes with anyone because I love them that much. Check these babies out:

These are the Guess summer sandals for dressy days :)

These cost me exactly $0.57! That's right, FIFTY SEVEN CENTS
With a hundred dollar gift certificate & Guess points ;) Great steal.

I wore these Friday night and they didn't hurt my feet at the slightest! On sale for $104 but I got them for $84.00 w/ my Guess points :) The heel is actually silver. They're currently my absolute most favourite shoes in the world. I just want to walk around in them all day <3

Then as I was looking over my shoe collection, I stumbled over my Steve Madden flats. I'm in denial. They're so worn out but I don't want to give them up! They're not that bad, I'm pretty sure I'm the only one that notices how bad they've gotten. Even still, my white ones just don't compare and black goes with everything!

I kind of want to give some shoes away, but I'm too lazy to post them up and meet or send to people. But what can I say? No girl can live without her vast shoe collection!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Shopaholic. Not.

I swear, I've never been happier to be at home and relaxing. I left my house pretty early this morning to go to the next city to get some things done for school and shop for my boyfriends birthday present. I was at the mall for about 5 hours? I think - probably more around 4. Even though todays shopping excursion was soo good, I'm exhausted like no tomorrow. I don't think I really want to step into the mall for another few weeks.. and that's saying A LOT coming from a person who has dreams about going shopping. A run down on some of the things I bought are: FOUR pairs of skinny jeans for under $100!!! Accessories, a really nice black blazer, jeans and a new Jack&Jones jacket for Andrew (bf) and of course.. makeup :)

I really like/prefer shopping at sephora over MAC because I'm left alone to choose out what I want, test things on myself (or even with assistance when asked) and I don't have to wait to get something I want. I'm a really shy person and sometimes it's hard for me to speak out about what I'm looking for without feeling hesitant or thinking that they're examining my makeup and secretly making fun of it in their heads (I don't know.. I think about these sort of things too much). I actually went to the MAC store three times today and I guess I feel really neglected when I'm there so I usually leave when I can't get someones attention. So I went to the MAC stand instead. But nevertheless I like their products and I'm very eager to start trying out what I got!

Products: O.P.I Nail Polish in "Pinking of You!", Stila retractable kabuki, TFSI Policy, MAC Mineralize Satinfinish, MAC MSF in Blonde, Too Faced Lash Injection Pinpoint (I love this stuff), Maybelline Stilleto Lash, MAC 187 Brush, MAC Fluidline in "Black Track," some kind of MAC concealer.., Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in "Zero."
Accessories from Aldo Accessories.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Paula's Choice.

First off I'd like to say: OMG! People actually read my blog! :) & the nail polish "You Can!" looked so bad on my nails =\

So I finally got my boyfriend to get me my second half of my christmas gift about two weeks ago (I know, it's so late!) and it came in last Friday. I've been using it ever since and I don't really know if there's a difference. I purchased three things from Paula's Choice. For those of you who don't know what Paula's choice is, is a brand made by Paula Begoun who wrote the book series called, "Don't Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me." I bought it some time last year and I swear it's my HG when it comes to buying products from drug stores, Sephora or Mac.

Don't Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me is a book based on reviews on a bunch of cosmetic products that come from anywhere essentially. She writes reviews and although that seems kind of like MUA, her reviews have scientific reasons to back up what she writes and explains why or why not it's worth buying based on how it affects your face (skin, eyes, blah blah blah). From this book her line was created and can be found on or It's a really great book to have around if you're always thinking about the next thing you need in your make up collection.

I actually had a few problems with my order.. that they didn't even bother to inform me about until I finally realized and asked but other than that, shipping was fast I guess. I'm going to have to give her products benefit of the doubt since I trust that all the products are going to do something positive for my face .. but honestly? I think I'm starting to break out :(

Products: Morning moisturizer, Night Moisturizer, Skin Balancing Toner

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

First Blog. First Haul!

Goodness, do I feel weird starting a public blog or what? I love writing, don't get me wrong.. but if anyone on here actually reads this, I'd like you to know that I have a small angst of fear for posting anything to the public on the net. I absolutely hate reading negative and demeaning comments and it would probably unwillingly really get to me if I ever did those comments, but I finally took a big leap of faith. I guess I was just really inspired and finally summed up enough courage to write about makeup & fashion with all the other ladies on youtube and blogspot instead of reading/watching on the sidelines :)

At any rate, Hi! My name is Shelley, I'm a nineteen year old - twenty come November - from the Toronto area and I'm a new beauty blogger. My influence to write these blogs mainly come from some of my favourite youtube guru's such as lollipop26 and fafinettex3 along with many others. I'm here to share with the rest of the community my little box of beauty. I've always really, really, really wanted to post up a haul of any kind and since I went to the pharmacy the other day, why not start there? P.S I LOVE Virtuous Violet <3

Products: Natural falsies, Posh Kabuki brush, Posh Dome Shadow brush, Nicole by O.P.I in "Virtuous Violet" and "You Can!", NYX "Eculyptus", NYX Jumbo Pencil "Strawberry Milk" & "Black Bean", Maybelline Great Lash Clear.