Monday, February 16, 2009

Can't Get Enough Of..


I've always been a huge fan of shoes from Guess & especically their clothing. Although I'm more of a hangbag person, shoes are right up my alley along with umm.. well everything else that's girly. Yes, I only have three pairs but jeez do I love them off! All of them are so comfy and so sleek, they're just so nice. I don't think that I would ever want to share these shoes with anyone because I love them that much. Check these babies out:

These are the Guess summer sandals for dressy days :)

These cost me exactly $0.57! That's right, FIFTY SEVEN CENTS
With a hundred dollar gift certificate & Guess points ;) Great steal.

I wore these Friday night and they didn't hurt my feet at the slightest! On sale for $104 but I got them for $84.00 w/ my Guess points :) The heel is actually silver. They're currently my absolute most favourite shoes in the world. I just want to walk around in them all day <3

Then as I was looking over my shoe collection, I stumbled over my Steve Madden flats. I'm in denial. They're so worn out but I don't want to give them up! They're not that bad, I'm pretty sure I'm the only one that notices how bad they've gotten. Even still, my white ones just don't compare and black goes with everything!

I kind of want to give some shoes away, but I'm too lazy to post them up and meet or send to people. But what can I say? No girl can live without her vast shoe collection!


  1. loving your 'Guess' black court buckle heels :) i have the same but pink :)